Aromara products - the best from nature

Aromara products

  • are not tested on animals,
  • do not contain animal-based ingredients,
  • do not contain preservatives,
  • do not contain fillers, colorants or aromants,
  • do not contain parabenes,
  • do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Aromara offers natural and efficient solutions to the most common health problems. Aromara is an indispensable partner in disease prevention and natural health improvement and body care. Aromara products include synergistic blends with proven pharmacological activity, top-quality pure essential oils, essential oil blends, cold-pressed vegetable oils, a massage and body care line, hydrosols and butters.

All of the recipes are formulated by Mara Doljak, MPharm, founder of Aromara.

Aromara products are created and chosen with love, care, expertise and high quality standards. The company's affordable prices make the benefits of essential and carrier oils available for everyone – the curious, masseurs, professional aromatherapists, oil enthusiasts and those who are yet to discover the wonderful world of aromatherapy.

Our products represent the medicinal essence of nature, and our combinations of carefully chosen, top-quality ingredients offer everything you need for beauty and health - from the inside out!

This reflects our vision of a healthy planet populated by families and individuals consciously living in harmony with nature.