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Aroma Academy

You've fallen in love with essential oils? Learn the basics in our Essential School! If you'd like to turn your passion into a profession, apply for our Aromara workshop management education!

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Game of Life with Mara Doljak

The concept of personal development workshops led by Mara Doljak includes two cycles: Game of Life with Mara Doljak and 8 stages of personal development. Play the game of life and fulfill your potential!

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A transformative experience! Raise the knowledge gained from our personal development workshops to a whole new higher level and learn how to change others' lives the way Mara changed yours!


You'll benefit from an individual session with Mara if...

  • ...you need discretion.
  • ...you aren't ready to discuss your problem in front of a group in our workshops.
  • ...you aren't attending one of our workshops.
  • ...there's an area of your life that doesn't support you.
  • ...you are suffering from a chronic or autoimune disease.
  • ...your overall health is good, but you are suffering from chronic health problems, such as headaches, migraines, PMS, painful periods, back pain, chronic exhaustion, apathy, decreased libido...
  • ...you have a chronic problem that you can't seem to solve – you're unemployed, you don't have enough money, you are not satisfied with your partner, you don't have a partner but you want to be in a relationship, you aren't satisfied with your job...
  • ...you are consumed by an emotion that doesn't support you: anger, sadness, disappointment, betrayal, dissatisfaction...
  • ...you aren't satisfied with the people surrounding you, you think life would be better if people wer better or if politics were better or if your children were better...
  • ...you are emotionally oversensitive.
  • ...you just aren't happy!
  • ...you feel that you can't demonstrate the full extent of your capabilities. ​

What will an individual session help you achieve?

  • Reveal your ''next move'' and prepare for it.
  • Discover sources of your personal strength and learn how to use them.
  • Befriend your emotional world and turn your emotions into a source of strength.
  • Release old trauma from your life and turn it into a limitless source of strength.
  • Discover how to turn unsupportive external circumstances into advantages for your personal life.
  • Discover how to live your creative strength and life energy to the fullest.

Find out more or book your session! Contact:

Anita Kvaić


+385 91 3707 129