Anita Kvaić


Anita came to Aromara from the world of organization and production, and aromatherapy quickly became an essential part of her home and everyday life. Anita manages Aromara's creative team and works on the company's national and international positioning and branding. She also coordinates all of the educational programs organized by Aromara Center. Anita says that working with Mara and Aromara is not her job, but an integral part of her life. Whenever she is stressed out, she uses essential oils or visits the lovely Adriatic coast, and enjoys the wind and sea.  

Favourite essential oil Aromara Helichrysum.
Favourite blend: the whole Chakra Balance set!
Favourite Aromara product: Gyno pro.

Tomislav Blažević


As Aromara's purchasing and logistics manager, Tomislav carefully chooses our suppliers and ensures the best quality at the best prices. Tomislav also oversees the production of our products. It's his job to ensure the quality of your favourite aromatic products,. He fell in love with aromatherapy and Aromara through programs organized by the Aroma Academy. Since then, aromatherapy has become an important part of his life.

Tomislav spends his free time in long walks in the nature and barbecuing with friends. 

Favourite essential oil Aromara Peppermint.
Favourite blend: Elixir St. Roch.
Favourite Aromara product: Black Cumin PLUS.

Gordana Sutlar


Gordana got acquainted with Aromara by attending the Aroma Academy's aromamasseur course. In addition to administrative and office tasks, this former member of the Croatian Army came to love aromatherapy, which now holds a special place in her life. Spa professionals know Goga really well, as she is in charge of keeping them well-stocked with the finest Aromara products. You can benefit from her experience and advice when you order our products via phone. 

Gordana likes to spend her free time taking care of others, and her favourite hobbies are pedicure and massage.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Lavender.
Favourite blend: Jasmine in Orange.
Favourite Aromara product: Raindrop komplet.

Helena Šintić


Before coming to Aromara, Helena worked in the world of NGOs. Aromatherapy represents a logical continuation of her pursuit of a healthy, nature-friendly life. In addition to taking care of Aromara's marketing, copywriting and community management, Helena translates all of our content and ensures its availability to foreign audiences. You can enjoy her posts on our Facebook page and website! Helena spends her free time exercising, traveling, reading and listening to new music.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Cinnamon bark.
Favourite blend: Merry Christmas.
Favourite Aromara product: Neroli hydrosol.

Siniša Boras


After eighteen years in the music industry, Siniša decided it was time to unite his broad spectrum of business knowledge and skills with his love for nature, healthy living and care for the overall happiness of his environment. He oversees working processes and ensures their functioning, broadens horizons and catalizes processes. 

Siniša spends his free time in the nature, riding his mountain bike or chasing hidden treasures with his family, solving logical conundrums and listening to very loud music.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Black pepper.
Favourite blend: Elixir St. Roch.
Favourite Aromara product: Pso-ex.

Margareta Hojkurić


Margareta discovered aromatherapy when she enrolled in the Aroma Academy. After attending our program, she finished the School of Homeopathy. Her love for natural preparations and health care led to a longtime friendship with Aromara, which in turn led to her employment. Margareta is responsible for sales activities and our customers' orders and happiness. She also provides expert advice to our customers' questions.

Margareta spends her free time with her family, and she also loves to go hiking.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Neroli.
Favourite blend: Neroli in Bergamot.
Favourite Aromara product: Aroma Essence Sunshine.

Anja Romek


Journalist Anja attends Mara Doljak's personal development workshops, which is how she got acquainted with Aromara. Anja is in charge of creating and editing video material for Aromara and Aromara Centar, and she is a regular guest at our personal development workshops. She is in charge of multimedia.

Anja spends her free time with her friends, and she also enjoys good movies and music. 

Favourite essential oil Aromara Lime.
Favourite blend: Inspiration.
Favourite Aromara product: Gyno pro.

Koraljka Suton


Koraljka became acquainted with Aromara when she started attending Mara Doljak's personal development workshops. This acquaintance eventually turned into a job. Koraljka, who is a translator, takes care of Aromara Centar and its programs, such as the Aroma Academy and Game of Life, as well as the students. She also organizes working materials and participates in organizing the workshops. Koraljka is a regular guest at our workshops. 

Koraljka spends her free time pursuing creative activities, such as dancing and acting. She is a Reiki master.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Cedar, atlas.
Favourite blend: Mesmera.
Favourite Aromara product: Gyno pro.

Milka Ergarac


Economist Milka has vast retail experience. She first became acquainted with Aromara while she was attending the Aroma Academy, and soon joined the team, to our mutual satisfaction. Milka's responsibilities include sales activities and customer care. You'll often see her at Aromara promotions and Game of Life personal development  workshops. 

Always cheerful and active, Milka divides her free time between Slunj and Zagreb. 

Favourite essential oil Aromara Mandarin.
Favourite blend: Jasmine in Orange.
Favourite Aromara product: Gyno pro.



Dolly is in charge of keeping our employees in a good mood and she ensures ample opportunities for long walks along the river Sutla, where the beautiful nature inspires some of our most creative ideas. Dolly is in love with night wanderings and aromatherapy, and she loves falling asleep with several drops of Chamomile in Lavender in her bed. She never leaves the office without Insectoff, which protects her from pesky insects.

Dolly spends her free time sunbathing on the balcony, whenever possible.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Lavender.
Favourite blend: Chamomile lavandin.
Favourite Aromara product: Insectoff spray.



Oreo is in charge of providing intense walks (and sometimes runs) for our physically active employees. He is wholly commited to raising their focus, so they return to the office ready to take on the day's challenges. In addition to Insectoff spray, he often uses Melissa in Palmarosa to get a good night's sleep.

Oreo spends his free time planning his next walk.

Favourite essential oil Aromara Citronella.
Favourite blend: Melissa in Palmarosa.
Favourite Aromara product: Insectoff spray.