Mara Doljak, MPharm

Founder and CEO of Aromara Ltd.

 Director of Aromara Centar

Along with regular education in the 5th High School Bogdan Ogrizović in Zagreb I have finished the Pharmaceutical High School, cosmetic profession. I studied at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of Zagreb and at the commencement of our generation I got the honour of reading the Hippocratic Oath, which, in some way, formed a basic value system in my further work.

After working in Saponiai,as an advisor for the application of cosmetics Helena Rubinstein, and then in Podravka-Belupo, where I was working on the development of cosmetics and the creation of new products (several of which became established in the market) and later in marketing (mostly with the licensed line Coppertone, in 1988 I opened my own beauty salon in Zagreb and created a cosmetic line for women Secret Success, the first liposomes based natural cosmetic line on the domestic market, which experienced a quick success and a great user satisfaction.

In 1991, after a two-month stay in England and encounters with the most current world trends in the field of natural products, I founded the company Aromara d.o.o. Durnig the unstable war period in Croatia, Aromara deals with the launching of essential oil and numerous courses, with the purpose of educating as many people as possible about the existence and the possibilities of aromatherapy.

In 1994 I published the first book on aromatherapy in Croatian language: Aromatherapy – the magic of essential oilsby Slobodanka Poštić. Even today, it represents a basic manual and inspiration for many aromatherapy experts.

In 2000, due to a growing interest for aromatherapy and lack of relevant information, Aromara founded the Aroma Academy (Aromara Centar),the first systematic education about aromatherapy in our areas. Reputable scientists participated in the creation and development of the program, ensuring that the Aroma Academy has top quality. During the next 12 years, Aroma Academy has been held in 10 cities in Croatia and educated around 3500 people. A large number of significant names on today’s Croatian aromatherapy scene got interested in the aromatherapy thanks to the Aroma Academy.

At that time, I created a completely innovate model of aroma-massages with the simple name – Intuitive Aroma-Massage.Features of Intuitive Aroma-Massages are: tenderness, gentleness, healing and most importantly, the possibility of application to all sensitive conditions of clients and patients. That way, the patients who couldn’t get a proper massage because of the formal massage system, finally found a relief as they got the possibility for higher quality recovery.

Time has brought new companies that offer similar products in Croatia. My next step was to create products that will significantly help in the treatment of frequent diseases for which pharmacology and medicine do not offer effective solutions. Inspired by that I have created products: for the relief of problems with haemorrhoids (Hemo Ex), for the care and protection of intimate areas and the relief of vaginal inflammation (Gyno Pro), for skin suffering from psoriasis (Pso Ex) and dietary supplement to improve immunity  (Crni kim Plus).

These products were very quickly recognised as quality products and users accept them with ease and gratitude. Being 100% natural, safe and made by carefully balanced recipe which relies on world’s scientific thesis, these products became the first choice for people with the above mentioned and similar health problems.

In 2015 I got invited to the historic centre and the cradle of aromatherapy, Grasse in France, in order to present Gyno Pro at the scientific symposium Phyt’Arom 2015 I used this opportunity, and the our product Gyno Pro, to talk about the broadness and the importance of the problem of female vaginal health (because when analyzing The World Health Organization (WHO) data, one can find that each year 500 million women on the planet will suffer from vaginal inflammation and 60-70% of these women will never have the problem diagnosed). With the intense urge to use my work and knowledge in order make change in the society and on our beautiful planet, I continue to present this theme at other international scientific conferences: in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on the  (2nd International Conference on Natural Products Utilization) and the congress The8th Aromatherapy Conference organized by the Pacific Institute in San Francisco, USA, as well as the Traditional Medicine conference in Amsterdam.