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Online sales at the webpage and webshop www.aromara.hr obavlja društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću Aromara d.o.o., Ivana Perkovca 19, Harmica, 10292 Šenkovec OIB:68787157980. Aromara d.o.o. je društvo upisano u Sudski registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu s temeljnim kapitalom od 20.000,00 kuna. Odgovorna osoba je mag. pharm. Mara Doljak, direktorica.


The website at the domain Aromara.hr (hereinafter: the page or Site), is the property of Aromara Ltd., Ivana Perkovca 19, Harmica, 10292 Šenkovec, Croatia (hereinafter: Aromara). By using any part of the stated web page, you accept all current terms and conditions, as well as amendments adopted by the Owner at any time and without prior notice.
All information on essential oils and other products featured on the page is basic. Said information can be found here purely for informational and educational purposes and does not include all the necessary precautions for listed products or their mode of action, possible interactions and consequences of their use. The purpose of this information is neither to provide medical advice, prescribe treatment, diagnosis or instructions on how to use a certain product, nor to promote the product as such.
The essential oils, vegetable oils, hydrosols and butters that we offer in our webshop are not registered as dietary supplements in the Republic of Croatia. They are raw materials – the use to which you will put them depends on you and the limitations of your knowledge. The texts, publications and product descriptions featured in the web shop that suggest oral ingestion of vegetable oils, essential oils, hydrosols and butters are informational and do not in any manner serve as suggestions for therapy or as instructions on the use of certain products.
Sections of the website that discuss diseases, symptoms and conditions do not contain complete medical information and are intended ​​as a supplement, not as a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and skills of medical personnel who care for the sick, nor as a recommendation for any particular treatment program. Patients should not use the information featured on this website for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease without consultation with qualified medical staff.
We take no responsibility for the way in which you will use the information found on our site. Always consult your therapist or doctor before starting any treatment if you have questions or want to know more about your medical problem. Product descriptions obtained from the webshop, texts and publications are not medical advice, they are not intended for diagnosing, treatment therapy or the proper usage of certain products.
Publications and content contained in this web site or any of their parts cannot be considered as an offer or invitation to purchase any product or service, nor should they be considered as a sufficient basis for medical, personal, financial or business decisions.
The information you receive via e-mail or phone is not medical advice, nor is it advice pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment therapy or proper use of certain products.
All information obtained from this site as well as via e-mail or phone are used at your own risk.
Users are responsible for any damage caused by their activities that are not in accordance with the foregoing precaution information, as well as for other types of damage that may result from their activities. We are not responsible for the accuracy, authenticity or date relevance of the information that you find on our site.
Documents published on our site may not be multiplied, unless the copies are used for non-commercial and personal use. Copying is subject to the stated limits and it is allowed only if notes and copyright warnings, other warnings about property of any kind and all disclaimers contained on this website are clearly visible on the copied material. Any copying, reproduction or distribution of the information contained on this website is allowed only with prior permission of Aromara ltd.
The materials featured on this Site are under copyright and unauthorized use of any material on this Site may violate copyright, trademark and other similar laws.
The content of this Site is owned by Aromara and / or the respective authors / owners of the content.
Content that is not owned by Aromara must be used under license by the author / owner of said content and will be withdrawn from the site upon the request of the author / owner.
This Site may contain links to other companies’ or individuals’ websites.These links are featured only for your information and neither Aromara nor the site administrator are responsible for the accuracy of the information or the content of these pages.
Aromara and the site administrator do not endorse or make any presentations about third-party content featured on the website. Neither Aromara nor the site administratior will provide any information, services, products or materials found on third-party websites or any results that may be obtained from using them
If you decide to access any of the third-party websites that are associated with these sites, you are doing so entirely at your own risk.
If you breach any of these terms and condition, your authorization to use this website is automatically terminated and any downloaded or printed materials must be destroyed immediately. By complying with our terms and conditions, you agree that you will not use our website for illegal purposes, or in contravention of the above conditions.
Aromara has the sole right to modify content on this site.
Aromara reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use and other terms and conditions without prior notice.

Personal information that you offer by using this website and by filling in interactive forms provided for dana collection on this website (newsletter registration, webshop registration, etc.) shall be used solely in accordance with the provisions described in the following provisions. Other communications or materials that you send, such as questions, comments, suggestions, etc. will not be treated as confidential.
Requests for the removal of your personal data can be sent by e-mail to prodaja@aromara.com

Collection and use of personal data

Personal information (such as your address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) that you provide by filling in site or interactive forms provided on this site will be used solely in accordance with the provisions described in this document. Your personal information will not be given to third parties, it will not be made available to the public and shall be used solely for protection.
We retain the right to use your personal information, obtained via interactive data-collection forms featured on this website, to occasionally notify you about news and changes with respect to our services and business transactions.
The use of other people’s personal data in these interactive forms is expressly forbidden!
We retain the right to give your contact information and other information to local and international authorities and legal services, if necessary.

Website security

Our websites are maintained regularly and we try to protect ourselves from any unauthorized use. Although we use security measures to protect your personal data, keep in mind that there is always a risk that an unauthorized person or application can bypass security barriers and intercept every activity on our website in order to harm you, as well as us.
Site owners cannot be held responsible for the criminal acts of third parties or applications produced by third parties unless a direct connection is proven between them.

Possible changes in these and other terms of business

We retain the right to periodically modify, expand or shorten this document. Changes in this document will always be publicly available on our website.
Every visit to this website signifies your complete agreement with these terms. If you do not agree with these terms, please stop using our website.

All purchase terms and conditions comply with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, 79/2007), Title VII – Long-distance selling agreement, from Article 36. to Article 55.

The Buyer

The Buyer is any legal entity or physical person who places an order and conducts payment via phone, fax, e-mail or Aromara.hr webshop (hereinafter: the Buyer).
If Buyer data contains data on a legal entity, then the legal entity is considered to be the Buyer, while the physical person whose data has been entered is considered to be the Buyer’s authorized representative.

The Seller and Sales Agent

The Seller / Sales Agent and executor of services is: Aromara Ltd., Ivana Perkovca 19, Harmica, 10292 Šenkovec. (hereinafter: the Seller).
We kindly ask that you do not come at the above address as it is the location of the head office of the company, not the store.

Business capacity

By accepting the Purchase Terms and Conditions, the Buyer confirms that all of the information they have supplied is true and correct, that they are capable of conducting business and that there are no known obstacles for the order and purchase of products from the Seller, i.e. for purchases made via the Webshop.

Electronic communication

By visiting and using our Webshop, you accept electronic communication, i.e. you agree that all agreements, notices, press releases and other content that are delivered to you electronically satisfy legal conditions in the same way as written communication.
If a visitor or Buyer does not have an email address, enters an incorrect e-mail address or cannot receive our e-mail due to technical reasons, the Seller is not obligated to attempt to inform the Buyer about the order or any other details related to order, delivery, payment, refund, complaints etc.
By selecting the option Newsletter Subscription, you give your consent to be included in our marketing activities and any other activities. Requests for the removal of your data can be sent by e-mail to aromara@aromara.com

Ownership transfer and the Buyer's obligations

Ownership transfer of the ordered goods occurs at the time of delivery of the package to the courier service.
Aromara is not responsible for mistakes in the shipping address that may prevent the delivery of the package to the destination. Aromara is not responsible in case you have not received notification on the change of status of the order/package delivery due to your e-mail settings.
In case you are not present at the given address at the moment of delivery, it is your responsibility to take over the package within the period determined by the delivery service.
IMPORTANT: If your package does not arrive within 3 working days of receiving notification that the shipment has been dispatched, it is your responsibility to contact us so we can check the whereabouts of the consignment.
If you do not take over the package within the time period determined by the delivery service (usually 5 days) regardless of the reasons (including not receiving notification of the arrival of the consignment in the mailbox) and the package is returned to the sender, we reserve the right to charge the shipping costs and return cost, as well as the cost of re-sending the package to the desired address.
If the Buyer who has not received their goods orders again via the Aromara Webshop, the Seller reserves the right to refuse further processing of the order, as well as the right to charge delivery costs for the previous shipment which had not been taken over by the Buyer.
It is the Buyer's duty to provide information on the delivery address and any additional details related to the delivery (such as the working hours of the company where the goods are to be delivered, additional descriptions of the delivery address in case the destination is not clearly stated in the address). In case of the absence of such information, the Seller shall organize the delivery in the best possible way, but the Seller does not accept any responsibility related to the delivery date and risks.
It is the Buyer's duty to check for possible damage upon delivery of the package, and to immediately inform the courier who delivered the package, i.e. to ask for a record of the damage in case the package is being taken over from the post office, and refuse to take over the package. In this case, the package is returned to the Seller, while the Buyer shall receive a new package.

The right to terminate the contract

The Buyer has the right to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 45 of the Consumer Protection Act. The Buyer may, without citing cause, terminate the contract within seven days. If for any reason the delivery was made before receipt of notice of the termination of the contract, the Buyer may terminate the contract by paying a packing and shipping cost in the contract amount of 100,00 HRK with VAT included and, if shipping costs exceed the amount of the contractual amount of shipping he has to surcharge to meet the full cost. If the contract is terminated following package delivery, the Buyer must return the product at their own cost, undamaged and in its original packaging. Delivery is considered to be made from the moment when the Seller hands over the package to the delivery service. In case of contract termination where the Buyer paid using e-banking or slip payment, the amount of the order pertaining to the contractual amount of packaging and delivery costs shall be subtracted from the  amount that the Seller must return to the Buyer, if the above conditions apply.

Complaints and Refund Policy

It is the Buyer's duty to check for possible damage upon delivery of the package, and to immediately inform the courier who delivered the package, i.e. to ask for a record of the damage in case the package is being taken over from the post office, and refuse to take over the package. In this case, the package is returned to the Seller, while the Buyer shall receive a new package.
The Buyer has the right to return wrongly shipped items, damaged items and items which have expired. The Seller will authorize the return of goods following mutual agreement (by telephone or e – mail); along with instructions for the return and the Buyer will be sent a new shipment at no additional cost.
If the Buyer decides, for whatever reason, that they do not need the delivered items, The Buyer is not entitled to return said items at no additional cost – the cost of such replacements shall be bared by the Buyer (see also: the right to terminate the contract).
The Buyer has no right to return products that have been opened / used.
The deadline for all claims is 14 days following the receipt of goods. Complaints are received by e – mail at prodaja@aromara.hr.
All the goods that we sell is properly stored in its original packaging. The shelf life that is marked on the package is only valid if properly stored, as indicated on the label. All products may vary in color, smell and consistency.