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How many times have you heard the expression ''Everything's alright as long as we're healthy...''?

As corny as it may sound, the fact that the quality of our lives depends on our health is irrefutable. It's precisely this fact that motivated Mara Doljak, MPharm, to create the concept 10 STEPS TO COMPLETE HEALTH.

Health is defined as a high level of general functionality of the organism, i.e. the organism's complete, unimpaired functionality, biological and intellectual functions. It can also be seen as the state of physical, psychological and social well-being.

The concept describes the 10 simple steps in which you can cause significant improvements to your health, using Aromara products and instructions.

The set contains popular Aromara products:

1. Gyno-pro, 30 ml

2. Hemo-ex, 30 ml

3. Black Cumin PLUS, 30 ml

4. Pso-ex, 30 ml

5. Aroma Essence Professional Mediterranean, massage and body care oil, 200 ml

6.Elixir St. Roch, spray, 50 ml

7. Aromara Orange, essential oil, 10 ml

Simply put, the value of this set is immesurable. The concept, as well as each individual product, was created with extensive knowledge in specific fields, love, energy and motivation to improve the quality of your life.

How can these products help you achieve mental and physical balance and improve your health?

The set also contains special instructions detailing each of the 10 steps that you should perform on a daily basis.

The best part is that you don't need hours to perform these 10 steps –your new daily routine takes 3 minutes, 23 seconds!