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CHAMOMILE IN LAVANDIN 5%, blend, 10 ml

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The bottled gentle friendship of Lavandin and Chamomile essential oils is a favourite among adults and children alike! This calming, balancing blend is efficient in healing small cuts, wounds and burns. It's also a highly beneficial addition to your beauty routine, regardless of your skin type. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile essential oil are strengthened by the traditional panacea -lavandin. Add Chamomile in Lavandin to your bath or aroma lamp, dilute it in a carrier oil for a relaxing massage or add it to homemade aromacosmetics. It's also an excellent choice for children!

Here's a little aromatic secret: add a paper tissue scented with several drops of Aromara Chamomile in Lavandin near your pillow to ensure lovely dreams and a good night's sleep!