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JASMINE IN ORANGE 5%, blend, 10 ml

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This bottle contains a wonderful harmony of the erotic jasmine and the warm orange! If you want more passion and joy in your life, or if you want to awaken your inner child, we recommend the luxurious Jasmine in Orange. This well-balanced natural blend is also useful for treating nervousness and apathy. It inspires self-confidence, alleviates menstrual pains and soothes sore muscles. Jasmine is famous for its aphrodisiac properties, while orange inspires joy. Use this blend in your aroma lamp, bath, or add it to your massage oil and aromacosmetics. Open the bottle and discover the luxurious, playful, joyful world of Jasmine in Orange!

Aromatic tip: dab a drop or two of Jasmine in Orange behind your ears before starting the new day. Its rich, refreshing scent will awaken the joy within you and allow you to welcome the new day with passion.