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Citrus reticulata
Citrus reticulata

MANDARIN, essential oil, 100 ml

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Citrus reticulata

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Mandarin essential oil (Citrus reticulata)

Latin name: Citrus reticulata; Order: Sapindales; Family: Rutaceae; Genus: Citrus



EXTRACTION METHOD: cold-pressed from the peel


Aromara Mandarin health benefits



Aromara Mandarin beauty benefits



The energy of Aromara Mandarin



Aromara Mandarin has antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, disinfectant, antidepressant and toning properties. What does this mean?

It smells lovely, doesn't it? Still, Aromara Mandarin offers a lot more than just its scent.

You've got a cut? You'd like to disinfect the wound? Aromara Mandarin will protect you from bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Aromara Mandarin helps heal wounds by creating a protective layer on the wound. It stimulates the closing of the wound (gathering trombocites and leukocites around it). The result – microbes cannot enter the wound.

Stimulate circulation throughout the body! Aromara Mandarin improves gland activity. It warms you up and stimulates you! It's excellent if you want to relieve symptoms of rheumatism or arthritis. Add several drops of Aromara Mandarin to a spoonful of sea salt and prepare a nice relaxing bath!

Added benefit: better circulation = stronger immune system!

Your skin is covered in acne so persistent you're giving up on your face? Don't! Give Aromara Mandarin a chance. This essential oil helps purify the blood.

Why is that important for your skin? Well, this means that toxins and other harmful substances are removed from the body, making it harder for acne to form.

You've been in a bad mood since you woke up? Or are you just generally nervous and grumpy? Relax! Add several drops of Aromara Mandarin to your aroma lamp. It relieves stress and anxiety, and it's also useful in case of insomnia. What does this mean for you? It means you'll be able to face your problems feeling relaxed and refreshed. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Goodbye, impure skin! Goodbye, scars! Aromara Mandarin stimulates circulation, which is excellent news for several different reasons, including the fact that better circulation means purer blood, because your body removes toxins which are responsible for impure skin.

Let us just add that Aromara Mandarin tones and calms the skin. This is just the thing for your oily skin!

Inhale the scent of Aromara Mandarin.'s obvious why this essential oil is a common ingredient in perfumes, colognes and cosmetics. 


Aromara Mandarin – wakefulness, energy and cheerfulness.

This essential oil gently awakens your spirit. It makes you livelier, playful and awakens the innocence of your inner child!

It comes as no surprise that children love Aromara Mandarin. Your kids are restless and loud? Aromara Mandarin will harmonize their games. All it takes is Aromara Mandarin in the aroma lamp.